Exploding Toads????

Yeah...you heard me..exploading toads. I got to work this morning and turned on my computer and the first thing I see on MSN is the headline "Exploding Toads Puzzles German Scientists". Well who in the hell wouldn't be puzzeled by expoding toads? I mean honestly, if a toad just suddenly exploded next to you, would you look at your friends and say, " Oh look, another exploding toad." ?? NO...you would FLIP THE FUCK OUT!!

It's almost biblical, like a sign from the divine. "Knock off the crap, or I'm gonna start blowin shit up!"

Careful people, it could be us next. You could be sitting next to your date and BAM!!!! Nothing but goo. Like a bad horror movie don't you think? Weird shit starts happening in nature, no one listens to the geeky scientists and the all hell breaks loose.

That's it, I'm getting a cabin in the woods.

Ryker and Squidward

I called to talk to Stephanie the other night and she was talking to Ryker. Ryker had asked about my health and well being the other day. I was touched by this. So I decided to dedicate this post to Ryker and his fondness for Spongebob and all things Squidward.

I think that we can all agree Spongebob is freakin hilarious, but most people do not yet appreciate the importance of Squidward.

Ryker, I looked for a Squidward page to link to this post...but alas, I am at work and the IT department here has blocked sites they deem inappropriate. Apparently, Spongebob and Squidward have been deemed a threat to cooperate America. I did however manage to find a great picture of him, so I linked it to the post title.

Vive La Squidward!!!!!

Vive La Bikini Bottom!!!!!

*raising arm in triumphant glee*

I'm off to cause havoc in the corporate world now!


Has it REALLY been that long?

Wow....almost a week since my last post....well when you have no internet at home, that's what happens. You lose control of these things.

Have I told you how much I hate moving? If I haven't, let me fill you in. I hate moving with a fiery passion that just will not die. I hate the packing and the shuffling of shit from one place to another. Never knowing where anything is, tripping over boxes...Oh, and this time I moved from three bedroom house BACK into a two bedroom apartment. Now I suddenly have way way to much shit and nowhere to put it. So this means even more shuffling of shit ...one funny thing is , my house now looks something like the Library of Congress. There are books EVERYWHERE.

Did I mention I'm a bibliophile? Books are my passion. I collect them, and certain books I collect more than one copy of. I have fourteen copies of Alice In Wonderland ( my favorite book) and I have several different versions of the Lord of the Rings set. Each one from a different printing, each one with different cover art...I even have The Hobbit in German. I can't READ German, but it's COOL.

I'll have to get a camera and take a picture, let the world see just how far this book thing has gone. It's wild.

I'm going back to college this fall, that should be an adventure. I haven't been inside a classroom in almost ten years, I think I'll probably have to retake a lot of the classes I took, just because most of the knowledge is probably outdated. But I am looking forward to it. I was teasing Stephanie the other day...told her we should join a Sorority. We can be Sorority girls...( Okay, for those of you who KNOW me, you should already be snotting Coke out your noses at this point, for those of you who DON'T know me, just take my word for it....I am SOOOO not a Sorority girl..and Steph, well, I think she could make a go of it, until one of them pissed her off..then it would be kind of like one of those horror movies? Yeah, dead soroity chics EVERYWHERE...good times!!)

Later folks!


Gushing about Stephanie

I've decided that I need to dedicate an entire post to gushing about Steph. I do this not to cater to her ego ( Okay, well maybe a little) but mainly because it seems like when I write lately I'm always putting in things about her.....maybe that's because after some recent ugliness in my life, she is the one person that shone throw with glorious color. Her friendship never waivered, she never faltered in her support of me even though I had been a through ASS. In short she was everything you always dream of having in a best friend. She is that person that you know you will still be talking to and laughing with in thirty years.

And she is the person I have discovered I ALWAYS have fun with, no matter what we are doing. We can just be sitting watching movies and I laugh and laugh...it makes me feel good to be around her.

I have decided that she is the role model I'm going to hold up to my daughter. Not because she's famous, not because she's rich, not because she's thin....but because she is the kind of person I want my child to be. She has had problems in her life. She has made mistakes. But she holds her head up and continues on. She isn't afraid to say that she is angry or hurt and she has a style all her own and she doesn't care if it matches the crap in Vouge.

She is, in short, the type of person I try hard every day to be.

I don't know if you know this or not Stephanie, but with all kidding aside, Thanks for everything you do for me. I admire you!

Sting and the Amazing Stehanie (part two)

Where was I? Oh, yeah...we made our way back to our seats......

Phantom Planet....the opening act. Skinny white boys with guitars....Excellent. Oh, and the music was good too. Seriously...check this band out. http://www.phantomplanet.com Better yet....surf past the bands website, check out the blog they keep..interesting guys. (Steph....if we had been there earlier, we could have MET Sting....read the post in the blog about the SLC show....*grrrrr*)

Moving on....

They played a nice set...interacted with the crowd....I enjoyed it.

BUT WAIT...now I have to tell you about this chic that was sitting in front of us. Yeah....we're waiting for the show to start and this yuppie group from HELL stops at the seats in front of us. There were the prerequisite trophy women and the over tanned, over gelled men.....and the couple that sat right in front of us? Oh....let me tell you about them. This woman was wearing jeans that looked like she had to jump from a great height to get into them, and carrying the most ABSURD purse I've ever seen. It was literally only big enough for a tube of lipstick and a breath mint..I mean honestly, how about wearing pants that aren't so skin tight and putting the breath mint in your pocket??

When Sting hit the stage, this woman bounced out of her seat and started to dance...badly. This woman wouldn't have been able to find the beat if someone had handed it to her in a paper bag...even scarier than skinny white chic dancing badly? Her boyfreind thought it was sexy. He was fondling her butt, shoving his tounge into her mouth. Get a room.

Moving on ....

Sting was FABULOUS.....I'm so glad I got to go. The guitar player, Shane, he was funny AND talanted....here's what I mean. He is a WICKED guitar player...but the man dances like a chicken. Too funny for words. Another example of people being themselves and not caring. He was having a great time on stage, just doin' his thing, and it just added to the overall experience of the concert.

I have to say though, I have never...and I mean NEVER in my life been to a concert where the crowd sat that still. It was like the Stepford Audience. Stephanie and I were some of the only people just diggin the music and letting go. Everyone else just sort of sat there and yelled at the appropriate intervals. What a waste of good rock and roll.

In a nutshell...a VERY LARGE nutshell.....there you have it....Sting and the amazing Stephanie. ( please refer to next post)


Sting and the amazing Stephanie ( Part One)

And the music played..... Posted by Hello

So last night was the Sting concert. I have to say that it was, well.......KICK ASS!!! I know, I sound like a fifteen year old, but WOW...Sting puts on a great show. Here I haven't been to a concert in years..and now, two in the space of a month....

I went with Stephanie, who, as we all know by now, is about the coolest person on the planet? ( What? You didn't know that? I'm shocked..I shall have to post seperatly about this coolness) Anyway, originally the tickets were purchased as a birthday gift for someone...but then that someone turned out to be completly undeserving of such an awe inspiring birthday...so I decided that the best way to get the most out of that concert was to take Steph with me, and damn if I wasn't right.

We noshed a bit before the show. Laughed at the obviously cracked out woman wandering aimlessly among the tables. Talked about, well just general crap. I've noticed that even general crap with Steph turns into major laughs...a good time had by all.

After the din din we meandered our way through the fashion challenged folks in the mall and found our way to the Delta Center....and we had very good seats...side of the stage, not to high up...it was set to be a killer evening.

Then Steph decides she has to pee...so off we go. Mens room. Mens room. Mens room....wait I see a pattern here......seriously we walked by SIX mens rooms in a row before we got to ONE womens room...and there, outside the womens bathroom was the parapehnallia stand..and Stephanie forgot that she had to pee. Two hats, two autographed books and a t-shirt later ( oh and let's not forget the matching pins) We make our way back to our seats......And I'll just tell you the rest later.

Suspense is good for digestion.


Hitchhikers Posted by Hello
I've been watching the previews for this and getting pretty excited. This is one of my favorite books. I think Douglas Adams was a genius. The series that the BBC did in the eighties was funny as hell....I hope they didn't screw this up to bad.
I am, of course going to have to reread the books JUST before I go and see the movie.

Just remember....DON'T PANIC!!!!!


Test Taking

I feel like I'm back in the days of spit wads and note passing. Have I mentioned yet how much I detest taking tests? We just got done taking one, complete with essay questions and better yet, it's a freakin FRIDAY morning. Yeah, isn't that fun?

On the bright side, I did finish first, so fair play to me. Now I'm just sitting here eating my pretzles and drinking my Adreniline Rush.

I have a new friend. Her name is Michele, she's fucking AWESOME....just wanted to mention that. We're gonna hit the thrift stores together. So, YAY...shopping buddy. I need to introduce her to Stephanie, then we can all do the hangin thing. Wow, check it out, three musketeers..scary? I think so. Fun? Even more so.

Joe Bob is back...got an email from him last night..I'll keep you posted on that...should prove to be interesting, Joe Bob always is.

Last but not least....*waves* Hello Patrick..just in case you pop in to check this out!!