Two Whole Weeks....

I bet ya thought I died and went to Blogger Heaven, huh?

Nothing quite so terrible. I've just been, well, for lack of a better word, sad. And more than a little distracted. And a lot scatter brained. And a whole list of other things that have long names and medications to go along with them. None of which are contagious.

This would be one of those times my therapist would accuse me of using humor to deflect the real issue. To which I say: Damn Straight! At least I'm not drunk and dancing on the bar of the local biker hang out. (Hey, don't laugh, that happened once. I made $800 bucks)

Anyway, I'm back and mostly in place. Next time I promise to leave a forwarding address.


Silence Can Be Golden

Every time I go to send an email, or leave a small comment something stops me. I've decided to listen to that little voice that's whispering in my ear. I've written three carefully worded emails and started countless comments and each one has ended up in the "delete" box.

The lesson I've learned from this experience is simple. Sometimes you don't have to say anything. Sometimes it's okay to just disagree silently. The issue that I was having a problem with wasn't earth shattering and after I thought about it for a while I decided that because it was an issue based mostly in emotion my saying something would create tension and possibly ruin a friendship I have come to treasure. I decided that saying my piece wasn't as important as keeping that friend. It was a good feeling.

This experience has been a unique one for me. It showed me that those times when I chose to step forward and make my opinions known I really am doing it for a reason and not just to hear myself talk.

I guess you could call that maturity. Who would have guessed?


To snipe or not to snipe.....that is the question.

Have you ever been faced with a situation where you wanted to say something but everytime you tried it came out blundered and somewhat addled? I find myself in that very situation. Mostly this is because the comment that set me off was made by someone I respect and what I want to say I want to say without sounding condesending or snide, both of which I have been accused of doing on more than one occassion.

I started to leave comments several times and then stopped because the comments were either to abbreviated to make the point as clearly as I wanted or to long to be polite. So then I slept on it. This morning I sat down and typed out a nice long email, which I promptly decided would be taken as a chastisment and so I saved it as a draft, but did not send it because I do not want this person to think I am chastising them....although I suppose I am in a way.

This is an odd place for me to be in folks. I'm a very shoot from the hip kind of girl. Remember, I'm the woman that publically lambasted a total stranger for not watching her child closely enough. Is this maturity? Is this concern for anothers feelings? Or am I just being a wuss? Have I suddenly turned wuss-like? Did someone slip something into my Cheerios this morning? What the hell has happened to me?

I'm going to have to go back and mull this over. I'll get back to you with the resolution.


Because sometimes, even your crack needs a little help....

This has been a long, trying weekend. I needed just one really good laugh. I got it.

And now, I'm going to share it with you.

Yes, it's a real product. And it's just one more example of why every product name should be passed by a panel of 13 year old boys first. If they laugh it's time to change the name.