James, Judy and a wonderful afternoon

Today we met James and Judy in perosn for the first time. I was nervous, but I think I hid it well. Stephanie came out and picked us up and we arrived at the hotel around 3:30. James and Judy were waiting in the hotel lobby and I immediatly felt comfortable.

I have to tell you, they are the most warm, genuine people. It makes me feel good about the decison to have them adopt. My son absolutely adored them both, which again, says something positve about them.

We chatted for just a bit and then headed to the restaurant. We went to the Red Rock Cafe and the food was delicious. It was Russ and myself, James and Judy, Jareth and Stephanie. We ate and talked and there was a lot of laughter. I can just imagine what the home our daughter will grow up in will be like.....full of life and love and laughter. I don't think I could ask for anything better.

It was so wonderful and open of them to include Stephanie in our afternoon. She loved them, but then I knew she would. Having spoken with Judy frequently over the last few months, I knew that everyone here was going to love the two of them. My son was, of course, loud and rambunctious and full of entertainment. I had such a good time.

Judy and James drove us home and on the way we stopped to view the Great Salt Lake. It was a beautiful day and the sun was just starting to set over the mountains. The view was incredible.

When we got to town, we stopped in at Dollie and Oliver's so that they could meet Judy and James. Again, my son was full of energy....I think that was mostly because we were at "grandma's" house. He loves the two of them more than I can express, and he's always so happy to see them. We talked for a bit before heading back home.

Now...I have got to admit, I was really nervous about bringing them to my house. I am currently living in a frighteningly white trash little trailer, not the sort of first impression you want to make, you know? But neither one of them seemed to notice. We got settled and I brought them the pictures the ultrasound technician had printed out for them. It was their first look at their soon to be little girl. They both looked like they wanted to cry, and in that moment I felt peaceful and secure. Have you ever seen the look on the face of a first time parent when it actually sets in that a new life is about the greet them? Both James and Judy had that look, the one that says, without any words, " I will love you forever."

That is all I need to know. They will love her forever. What more could any parent want for their child?

We're spending the day with them in Salt Lake and I can't wait. More later.