Approaching the two month mark...

I'm fast approaching the two month mark of my weight loss "experiment" and so far have managed to lose a total of ten pounds by doing nothing more than eating less and walking more. For a woman my age (*ahem* thirty-nine *ahem*) that's no small thing. I do have to admit, though, that of that ten pounds I have only managed to keep five off. I got depressed, and then got depressed about being depressed, and as a result reaquainted myself with some old friends. First Mr. Reese and I got to know each other again and shortly after that Mr. Cheesecake and Mr. Sinfully Delicious Cupcake showed up. Yeah, I know, I need to make better guests lists, right?

That small set back not withstanding, I'm moving forward. I've broken out the old excercises they used to make us do in gym class when we were in grade school. Streching, basic sit-ups, push-ups (yes, I do the "girl" ones, no way is my fat ass pushing straight up from the ground, just not happening folks) I also have one of those yoga bands and I've started carrying weights when I walk...they only weigh two pounds, but that counts...I dare you to say it doesn't.

I still indulge in the occassional sweet, but I've replaced eating with writing, playing with my son and reading a good book. We got rid of cable and I find that watching less television has motivated me to find other, more active ways to fill my time.

I've also started planning our menu. New grocery shopping rule: If it ain't on the list, it don't come home. Not having it in the house to begin with is a big thing.

Next month: Pictures. That's right...you get to see me in all my pre-weight loss, no make-up, no touch-ups glory. That way, when I meet my goal, every one can appreciate my hard work and accomplishment...it's a purely selfish thing.

Have a great week everyone!