Ahhh.....the day to day of living, don't we love it?

Well my dear readers, life strikes again. I got up this morning, intending to run to the bank and cash my paycheck, only to discover that I couldn't find it. You heard me, it has disappeared. My current thinking is that my son somehow got ahold of it and threw it away without us noticing.

Okay, I can get through that......I called and asked them to cancel said check and reissue me a new one.

But wait......

As I was walking down my hallway I noticed the smell of gas. Now, I didn't panic, mostly because I'm pregnant and have a SENSITIVE nose, but when Russ said he could smell it too? Well that's when I called Questar. They sent a very nice technician to my house and low and behold, my heater had not one, but three leaks......so he red tagged it, I now have no heat.

Then he goes outside and discovers that our water heater isn't rated for installation in trailer homes, so he red tags THAT!!!

Let's recap the day so far:

(1) lost paycheck
(2) no heater
(3) no water heater

My day just gets better and better, doesn't it. Ahh, but wait, there's more!!

Russ goes to get the mail and what should he find? A letter from the state of Utah. Seems his ex-wife has filed a complaint, she doesn't feel she's getting what she deserves. So now we have to get an attorney, go to court and defend ourselves against her wild accusations. Somedays I really dislike that woman.

You think that's it? Oh no dear readers, the day from hell is far from over. Not only do we have to deal with Russell's ex, we also have to deal with mine. Seems he thinks he can play fast and loose with custody and is setting up yet another attempt to take my daugher from me. Why? I have no idea.

*smiling* See, now I feel all better! It's so good to know I can talk to you!

On the brightside of life:

James and Judy will be here in ten days, and in twelve we get to take them to a doctor's appointment with us to see and hear the baby!!! This excites me and fills me with hope that not everyday is a bad one!!!

That and Stephanie and I have started working on a book for submission.......

So you see dear readers, not all is lost!!!

I'll keep you posted!