Every now and then....

Every now and then you come across something that's worth reading on the internet. I just link clicked myself to one such site. I recommend that anyone with a brain check out The Zero Boss.

I especially like the post about the recent nutcase in Georgia trying to get Harry Potter banned because it turns innocent children into cat killing Satanists.

Go on, give it a read! You know you want to.


I am inspired....

After browsing the internet for the first time in weeks and after flipping through random blogs, I feel inspired.

I am inspired to call me best friend and tell her I miss her. It's been too long.

I am inspired to write. To complete some of the random scribblings from months gone by.

I am inspired to try something new. To break out of the mold and try a new medium of expression.

I am inspired to hug my children and never forget how fragile or precious they really are.

I am inspired to buy a Poloroid camera and start taking pictures of interesting things again. Things I can glue into my journal and remember fondly when I am old.

I am inspired to have compassion for people I don't know, simply because they are people.

I am inspired to write letters. To speak up and tell people that it is not okay to trample on people simply because they have more money, more power or more celebrity.

What are you inspired to do?