(I dug these out of an old journal)


good morning

sounds like rain



in the dust

incomprehensible whispers of the past

like the suns rays


through the clouds

we spend our time

chasing shadows

of what we wanted to be

the children

we were

the memories

that become us

lie like naked reminders

of our pain

belligerent screams

pointed towards

your incoherent God



topless pink chocolate in a frantic symphony


delirious whispers

of screaming


produce languid bitter versions

of crushing


(This is your brain on drugs...*laughs*)

Art on a Monday Morning

Just wanted to share some artwork my daughter left behind for us. When she was little, everything was kittens,rainbows and flowers. Oh, how things have changed.

The Big, Ugly, Gaping Hole in my Heart

My daughter left to go and spend the summer with her father in North Dakota this weekend. This means I will not see her for three months. THREE MONTHS!!!!! May I say, on a purely selfish note, that I HATE summer? I'm happy that she gets to see her dad. I'm happy that she gets to see all her friends. But now I have this huge gaping hole in my heart from missing my kid.....and she's only been gone for two days.

I found two things that cheered me up when I got home from the airport. One is a shopping list of things she wanted to get before she left. Please note item number one on the list. My daughter was trying to spell "Hagen Daz" and because I was asleep when she wrote the list, just tried to "sound it out". I don't know that I've laughed that hard in weeks.

The second is a poem I found lying on her dresser when I returned. It was tucked under a few pictures she had drawn. It illustrates perfectly one of the many reasons I love my daughter so much...she has inherited my twisted sense of humor.

Summer vacation never seemed this long before, but now three months sounds like an eternity.