Lady in the Water

We went and saw "Lady in the Water" last night. I enjoy M. Night Shyamalan's movies. I was a little disappointed by "The Village", but still enjoyed it. After reading some of the reviews, I was curious. Would this movie disappoint me as well?

I can say with total confidence that it didn't. Shyamalan delivers a wonderful tale of good and evil without having to be grotesque or overlly political. It's a movie that you can take your children to see. Something that is a rare find these days. Shyamalan didn't feel the need to add the witty adult humor to the movie to try and make it more appealing. There are no sly inneuendos, no catty remarks, just a good story. Something you might read to your older children at bedtime.

A lot of the reviews I read said that there was no "twist", something Shyamalan has become known for. I have to disagree. If you take the time to see the film, you'll find the twist.

I recommend everyone go and see this movie, take tissue if you cry, but go see it.