My Gay Boyfriend

Josh....need I say more? Posted by Hello

I've been meaning to tell everyone about Josh for a while now...and since I have pictures, well it seemed like the perfect time to do it!!

Josh is my gay boyfriend. We talk about everything. I'm going to go to Pride with him in June!! I love him, what can I say? He's a sweetheart, he cares about people and he has a good soul!! If only there were more men on the planet like Josh!!

I love you hun!!! Thanks for being my friend!


Still Making My Heart Beat Faster! Posted by Hello

Okay, so I've added pictures to my blog....how sweet is this? Now I can post pictures of all the cool things....Oh wait....first I have to get some cool things in my life, don't I??

Okay, well in the meantime, just enjoy the eye candy...I'll post more at random....so check back to see who's the next Yummy post.