Yet another gripe

A few days ago my ex sent the police to my house. Yes, you heard me correctly. The waste of space that is my daughter's father actually called the police department and fed them a line of shit about being concerned for our "welfare", so the police came to my house to check on me, do you believe that?

When I called him, to confront him about this incident, he lied to me and said he was worried because he hadn't heard from me in a week and he had no idea if we had made it back to Utah all right. He had spoken to a friend of mine just days before, and confirmed that we were indeed home safe and sound. What an asshole.

I just wanted that on record, he's an asshole, a bullying one at that.

Okay, I'm done griping now.


Nobody reads this anyway

I'm up...still. It's almost four o'clock in the morning, and I can't sleep. I haven't had a bout of insomnia like this is a couple of months, guess I was due for one, huh?

Have I mentioned the fact that I fell deeply in love with someone once. Not just the kind of love where you think, "Oh, how sweet." But the kind of love that conusmes every fiber of your being. I fell for someone like that once upon a time. I was thinking about him today. I miss him.

I've moved on in my life, forward movement is always a good thing. But every now and then, I come back to him in my mind. And I know...well honestly, I'm not sure what I know. Except that sometimes, when it's late at night and I close my eyes, I can still see his face.

That's all, nothing else to say really.

Maybe I'll try to sleep again.


Just for the sake of argument

I'm going back to college in the fall. I don't think I've mentioned that in here, but yeah, biting the bullet, going back to college, and then.....well then I will have to get a realy job, with responsibilities and all. No more crappy call center jobs for me. God, I can't wait.

I have been toying with the idea of placing more of an emphasis on my English degree, switching majors actually. I think I would like to go abroad and teach English for a few years. Take the kids to live in another country, have the ability to see Europe because, well because we live there. Alexandria's father would have a CANARY, but oh well, screw him. After I do that for a few years, I could get a job editing or something, which, anyone who knows me will tell you, would be a dream job for me. I would esentially be getting paid to read. And to then make what I'm reading a perfect as it can be for other readers to enjoy. Hell yeah, sign me up for that.

On a totally different subject....I took my daughter to see Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants the other day, and I have to admit, it was a cute movie. I only mention it here because it made me want to see Greece. I have relatives there that I have never met, and I would like to meet them. I would like to give my daughter the chance to know her heritage. That and who could refuse the sun and the beaches....right now, that would be the thing I would look forward to the most.

Well, enough daydreaming for now, my mundane little life calls to me. There are dishes waiting to be done.


T-Mobile and the case of the mysterious Overdraft fees

April 13, 2005....I notice that I have and overdraft on my savings account ( which I use to make scheduled payments via EFT or ACH) so, naturally, I call my credit union to inquire what it's for, since no payments were scheduled to be made. The nice woman on the other end of the phone tells me that T-Mobile attempted to take a payment from my account. Odd, I think, since I've already paid my bill via debit card. I thank her and hang up.

The next call I make is to T-Mobile Customer Care ( right.....customer care MY ASS) and the clueless girl on the other end tells me after almost an hour, that I must be mistaken, they don't show any record that they tried to access my account. So apparently, since they didn't show it in their systems, it never happened. Although my credit union shows a clear record of the attempt. Hmmmmm.....odd. I can see it, I'm looking right at it, says T-Mobile right next to it.

Then the following Monday, guess what? It happened AGAIN. That's right dear readers, T-Mobile made a SECOND attempt to withdraw funds from my account. So I call again, thinking, perhaps a bit naivley, that surely NOW they would do something about it. But NO! They still insisted that because they didn't SEE it on their records, it never happened, and that I was mistaken. Then I'm told that all I need to do is fax them a copy of the statement showing the attempt and they would be happy to take care of it for me.

It is now THREE MONTHS later. I have now refused to pay T-Mobile another dime until this is taken care of, and I am requesting that I not be made to pay my bill for the month due to the serious inconvience and lack of care taken in this matter. I have, in total, faxed the same information to T-Mobile SIX, count 'em, SIX times. And today? Well today I get told that I need to prove how much they tried to withdraw, the moron on the phone even went as far as to suggest that perhaps I was trying to get out of something by saying, "Maybe you were making a payment for someone else."

Do not trust T-Mobile my friends, a company that will try to get out of something like this, is not to be trusted with your money or your patronage. The next step for me is to write to , call or email, every single media outlet that I can and to take the relevant information to my local authorities. If you have T-Mobile...switch now. Get the hell out of there! Run!!


Jobless and pissed off

Well today, for thefirst time in my working life I got fired. What did I do you ask? Did I spit at my boss? No. Did I call somone a stupid bitch for thinking that children who claim to be molested are most likely lying? ( Yes, an employee at Harland ACTUALLY said that? No, that wasn't it. What was my act of indiscretion that was so horrible, so heinous that I had to be dismissed from employment?

I missed one hour over their alloted 16. Not because I had been out drinking and just didn't feel like going in. Not because I made it a habit to be late or not show up. I missed one hour to many because the night before I had been driving for 18 hours and when I got home and fell asleep I simply forgot that I was supposed to be at work an hour early. I was on time for my scheduled shift, in fact I was twenty minutes early and was logged in and ready to go before any one else in the class.

John H Harland tells people that it cares about it's employees. What they should be saying is that they care about their employees after 90 days have passed and you have PTO....until then, if you want to work for this company....be sure to put all possible crisis situations on hold. Get out the crystal ball and be sure......be very very sure to kiss ass to the training staff. Oh, and try not to be to smart. It scares them.

End of rant.....................