Apparently there is a new case being heard in England regarding the Da Vinci Code. It seems that the authors of a book, "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" think that author Dan Brown stole his idea from them.

Their attorney claims that they aren't suing based on theft of specific parts of the text, but on the "appropriation of themes and ideas".

Okay....here's my problem with that. Do they honestly believe that they are the only ones to have had that particular idea? I mean really. If you're going to start suing for "appropriation of themes and ideas" every romance novelist in the WORLD is guilty. Those themes and ideas get recycled so often it's not funny, and yet you don't see Nora Roberts and Jayne Anne Krantz fist fighting ont he steps of the courthouse.

I think, personally, that these two men had an idea and the book just didn't take off....and now they want a slice of a more successful pie. Plain and simple.
My son, whom I love dearly, refuses to sleep. It is after two in the morning and he is STILL awake. And not the quiet, snuggled up with mommy awake either. It's the screaming, hollering, crying whenever you put him to bed awake. The one that you just can't ignore.

I have a feeling that the next year of my son's life is going to be very interesting. I'm about to catch all of the "terrible two" stuff my daughter never did.

Stay Tuned.