Oh God! I think they may actually give me a license.

Well folks, I took my first Driver's Ed class tonight. Yes, you heard me correctly, Driver's Ed. In a mere six weeks I will be licensed to operate a motor vehicle in the state of Utah.

And I'm terrified. Seriously, I got a little rash on my arms tonight from the stress. How sad is that? The instructor was talking about three point turns and highway driving and all of a sudden I'm all itchy and breaking out.

This is going to be a hell of a six weeks.
Today, not for the first time since the war started, I feel shame because I am an American. A Canadian citizen was falsly accused by members of his government, labled an al-Quida terrorist. Our government then jumped in, detained the man for 12 days without checking the story and then took him to Syria where he was tortured for ten months. Ten months.

Now he has been released and the Canadian Supreme Court has ruled that he is indeed an innocent man. Are the agents in the Canadian Intelligence Agency being held accountable? No. Are the people in our government being held responsible for the things that this man suffered? No.

Tell me this, if we allow this kind of behavior to continue in the name of "freedom", what exactly is our freedom worth. How are we any better than the people we claim to be fighting?

I suppose it all comes down to how long we're willing to turn a blind eye. People in this country grimace a bit and say things like,"Well, we are in a war." If we allow this kind of behavior from the officials elected to the highest places in our government where do you think it will stop?

I used to be proud of my country and what it stood for, now I wonder when we became the playground bully.