Oh God! I think they may actually give me a license.

Well folks, I took my first Driver's Ed class tonight. Yes, you heard me correctly, Driver's Ed. In a mere six weeks I will be licensed to operate a motor vehicle in the state of Utah.

And I'm terrified. Seriously, I got a little rash on my arms tonight from the stress. How sad is that? The instructor was talking about three point turns and highway driving and all of a sudden I'm all itchy and breaking out.

This is going to be a hell of a six weeks.

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knightjorge said...



It really isn't as hard as they'd like to make it sound. I do suggest that you don't drive in rain or snow until you're a bit more comfortable driving in regular conditions. Night driving can take some getting used to, too.

I'd help you work on your driving but I don't think that adding learning how to drive standard transmition would be a good idea at this point.