Turkey and Gravy.....Soda????

No, you didn't read that wrong.

Let's back up for a minute. My best friend, Stephanie, is an almost obsessive poster of those annoying little quizzess. On the odd occassion, I get sucked into taking one, mostly because I want to see how I stack up against her. (Yes, that is kind of sad and more than a little pathetic...)
This morning, my son woke me at the wonderful hour of 5:15 and with nothing else to do, I decided to check a few of my favorite blogs.

Stephanie, thankfully, had updated, giving me something to do. The third quiz posted was this one....

You Are Broccoli Casserole Soda

Vegetarians taste better!

Stephanie got "Pecan Pie Soda".... at least hers sounds like something you MIGHT want to drink.

Still awake and not wanting to be, I decided to check the Jones Soda site to see if the person who made this quiz was just really clever or if Jones did indeed make these flavors. No Broccoli Casserole Soda, BUT.......

They actually do make a Turkey and Gravy soda. You can buy it in the 2006 Holiday Pack. There's also a Dessert Pack. I sat for a moment, pondering this information. Turkey and Gravy soda??? What sick, demented mind would come up with such a thing? Then I noticed the "Why?" button. I clicked it, eager to learn more about the surely drug induced reasoning behind such awful flavors as "Dinner Roll" and "Sweet Pea".

It turns out that Jones released the flavors to benefit charity. The 2006 Holiday Pack benefits Toys for Tots and the Dessert Pack benefits St. Jude's Childrens Research Hospital. The Jones soda website has a locator that will allow you to find where the two products can be purchased in your area. Although I know we'll never drink them, I plan to purchase one of each. (Quick Note: For some reason, if you live in Utah, the store locator will default to Louisiana. Not sure why.)