Would you like dessert tonight?

I am a waitress......again.

I can not express in words how much this pisses me off. I hate waiting tables. I hate the fact that our government seems to feel it's okay to pay third world wages for a pretty demanding job based on the assumption that people will leave a 20% gratuity. I hate having to deal with snotty, overly demanding customers. I hate the fact that I'm expected to share my tips with hosts and hostess that get paid four dollars an hour more than I do, basically for seating people and getting them their drinks.

So, why, you wonder, did I take the job? Because I needed to. Russ's job is slow, really slow and we need the money. Like,"Which bill should we pay today?" need the money. My working isn't something we can afford to wait on any longer. So I'm a waitress....for now.

What this means is you can look forward to many, many posts of me ranting about how much I hate being a waitress. Feel free to tell me to get over myself.