Just for the sake of argument

I'm going back to college in the fall. I don't think I've mentioned that in here, but yeah, biting the bullet, going back to college, and then.....well then I will have to get a realy job, with responsibilities and all. No more crappy call center jobs for me. God, I can't wait.

I have been toying with the idea of placing more of an emphasis on my English degree, switching majors actually. I think I would like to go abroad and teach English for a few years. Take the kids to live in another country, have the ability to see Europe because, well because we live there. Alexandria's father would have a CANARY, but oh well, screw him. After I do that for a few years, I could get a job editing or something, which, anyone who knows me will tell you, would be a dream job for me. I would esentially be getting paid to read. And to then make what I'm reading a perfect as it can be for other readers to enjoy. Hell yeah, sign me up for that.

On a totally different subject....I took my daughter to see Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants the other day, and I have to admit, it was a cute movie. I only mention it here because it made me want to see Greece. I have relatives there that I have never met, and I would like to meet them. I would like to give my daughter the chance to know her heritage. That and who could refuse the sun and the beaches....right now, that would be the thing I would look forward to the most.

Well, enough daydreaming for now, my mundane little life calls to me. There are dishes waiting to be done.