Oh no, the gays are at it again.....*insert sacastic eyeroll here*

The trial regarding the gay marriage ban in California started today, and as was to be expected, has started a whole shit-storm of religious hate-mongering. Not one of the posts I've read on Newsvine discussing the issue has used any argument against gay marriage other than the tired old "God said it was wrong" argument. The posts have been peppered with the usual bullshit about gays trying to "force" their life-style on the God Fearing American Heterosexual Population.

So when does it end? Should we go back to the days of forced segrgation, forced participation in religion. We can put an end to this soft religion and just go back to the days when God's word was followed to the letter. Put people in stocks if they don't attend church, make women wear big scarlet A's on their chests if they get caught cheating on their husbands, allow parents to beat their children and husbands to beat their wives. How about revoking the freedom of speech and the press because, let's face it, people say and write a lot of things that just don't jive with God.

The terrifying thing for me is the blatant disregard for history here. Removing or denying one freedom to one group opens the door for other groups to do the same with other freedoms. The price for having the freedom we have is allowing those freedoms to be given to all citizens of this country, not just the ones we happen to agree with. I'd love nothing more than to see white supremisists strung up by their toes and whipped until they bled, but that's just me and my bloodthirsty nature. I'd love to see pedophiles summarily shot upon the handing down of a guilty verdict. However, I would never dream of trying to get laws passed that would make those things possible. They are personal beliefs and as such belong in the realm of "I think..." not "we should..."

If people disagree with the GLBT lifestyle, fine, no one is asking you to walk in the parade, just don't get in the way of others being allowed the same legal protection and freedoms you enjoy.