I'd like to kill Murphey, whoever he was....

You know that whole Murphy's law thing? Well I would love to go back in time and kill whoever "Murphey" was.

We just get caught up enough to have some room and Russ loses his job due to a "slow down"....I have three weeks left until the baby is born, so no one is going to hire me right now....Murphey's law, you see?

"If anything can go wrong it will, and at the worst possible moment."

*dramatic sigh* Seriously, just felt the need to bitch for a brief moment. I'm seriously thinking about building a time machine and returning to the glory of being twelve....school, sleepovers and the occasionall babysitting job. Anyone want to join me?



If you can look at this and not laugh, I don't know what's wrong with you.


Got a new computer!!

My new computer arrived this evening, all bright and shiny and full of promise.

And then....

There was so much CRAP already installed!!! It took me the better part of an hour to clean it up. I'm still rearranging the settings so IE isn't screwing with me everytime I turn around.

Tomorrow I get to network my two hard drives together...that should be fun!

Still...I got a new computer!!!


WARNING: This post will probably offend most everyone that reads it!!!!!!!

I have had enough !! Have you been reading or watching the news lately? This whole thing about immigration laws? Are they serious? I mean the people standing out in the street yelling that their rights are being infringed upon, screaming, " I'm an American, too!"

No, you are not an American. Unless you have entered this country legally, pay taxes and have begun the naturalization process, you are NOT an American. You are an illegal immigrant.

Scream all you want to about how this country was founded by immigrants. The fact is that that was over 100 years ago and the immigration laws, if there were any were different. We are talking about NOW...Today....not "was" or "back then". If you come into this country illegally, I don't care what you're intentions were, I don't care why...you are here against the law and it should be treated as such. I don't even care what country you come from, Mexico, Canada, Cuba, Finland....makes no difference. Here illegally is here illegally.

If I were to slip unnoticed into another country and try to set up residence and I got caught, I would be treated as a criminal, deported...etc...why should it be any different here.

I'm all for people having the ability to make their lives and the lives of their families better, but come ON....it should be done properly. I'm sorry if people feel that this is the place to come to fix everything, but if we, as a nation, don't start fixing the things that are wrong with US we're doomed to continue to decline.

What about the welfare system? Overburdened and severly outdated? What about the lack of support medically and mentally for the poor and the needy that were BORN in this country?

When somone that was born here...no matter what their ethnic background gets turned away when they need assistance, but someone that is here illegally can get assistance, doesn't that sound wrong?

Don't get in my face and scream at me that they have rights, too. I know that, but it should have to be done according to the LAW. I have to live by them, I have to follow them...if people want to live here and be "Americans" then they should have to do the same?

Why is it that in this country we either swing all the way to the left, or allll the way to the right?

Where in the BLUE HELL did all of the common sense in the world go? If anyone has seen it, please pack it up and ship it back, because I'm about to scream.

A Moment of Silence

The man responsible for inventing the chicken nugget has died.

I was browsing through the news on MSNBC and came across an article talking about Robert Baker, who, at the age of 84, passed away this month. Apparently Mr. Baker was the man responible for the invention of the chicken nugget.

Anyone reading this not remember the first time they had chicken nuggets? It's practically a staple of most American toddlers diets between the ages of 2 and 4. They serve them in all varities in all kinds of restaurants.

I used to have Chicken Nugget toys from McDonald's, back when Happy Meals came in little boxes you could never close and the nuggets were packaged in a styrofoam container.

Let's face it folks.....even if we would like to think that we are of higher sensabilities and like to hear only "important" news, doesn't it make you a little sad to know that the man who invented such a great comfort food has left us?

Makes me a little sad.


Sick Baby

My son has been sick all weekend. I feel so bad for him because I can't fix it and he just doesn't understand why. It's the part of being a parent that I hate the most. The part where your child looks at you and is hurt and crying and all you can do is pick them up and snuggle them.

He had a fever most of the weekend and didn't want to eat. We spent most of our time sitting on the couch with me rubbing his little feet and whispering to him to get him to try and sleep.

When the fever finally broke, he sat up and smiled a tired smile and blew me a little kiss.....and I swear to God, it made my eyes tear up. He is the sweetest little thing.

This is the first time he's actually been sick..you know, something more than the sniffles, so it was hard on me....even harder on his daddy.

Russ had to work on Friday and so he wasn't able to stay home and do the snuggle kiss thing. Poor man looked like he was going to the gallows when he walked out of this house on Friday morning, his son laying in my arms behind him crying for daddy.

He made it home in record time that night, and spent the rest of the weekend fetching juice, playing cars and rubbing Jareth's back. It was cute and sweet and warmed my heart.

We may not have money, we may live in a ratty ass little trailer, we may not even always like each other...but there is a lot of love in this house. It just takes something like a sweet, exhausted, sick little boy to bring it to the front of our minds. Thank god for children....God couldn't have given me a better gift.


Goodbye Bink

Today my son lost his last "bink" ( his pacifier) and instead of tearing the house apart looking for it, I have decided to let it stay lost.

Now comes a week to ten days of constant crying at naptime and bedtime and at other various times during the day.....I am SOOOO looking forward to this. He's laying in bed right now, exhausted and fussy, but refusing to go to sleep. He knows it's gone and he wants me to find it and I feel like a giant heel because I haven't done it yet.

Parental guilt, you know I love it.

Why is it that this tiny little child can look at me with tears in his eyes and I want to move the earth to make it better? Where does that come from? I have never understood how some people can just watch their children cry in pain, or fear, or uncertainty. I just have to pick mine up, snuggle them and try to reassure them that life will continue and that they will be okay. And when I can't..it kills me inside.

Well, wish me luck with the removal of the final bink.....hopefully he'll get used to it before I cave and go buy him a new one.

Any bets???



So I'm reading the news online today and I come across an article on MSNBC about a teacher in Florida accused of having sex with a fourteen year old boy. The DA decided to drop the charges so the victim wouldn't have to testify. So the woman gets off pretty much unpunished.

Here's the part that disgusted me, as I'm reading I come across this quote fromt eh woman:

At a news conference in Tampa, Lafave said she has bipolar disorder, and her attorney said she is getting treatment.

“I want the world to see that bipolar is real,” Lafave said. “Not one time has the media brought up the subject of my bipolar. I challenge you to read a book or an article on bipolar illness.”

I thought I was going to puke. I happen to be bipolar, and there has not been one time in my life, not medicated or otherwise...not in the middle of my WORST manic episode, that I have EVER felt the urge to have sex with a child.

The fact that this is even being presented as a plausible excuse, " Oh, did I have sex with a child, I'm sorry, I was having an episode, it really wasn't my fault." makes me want to call the State Attorney's office in Florida and yell at someone. This woman is, in my opinion, a glaring example of why mental illness has such a stigma still attached to it.

When we allow people to say, "Yes, I did it, but it really wasn't my fault, I'm sick" we degrade the people who have struggled against their illnesses, fought long and hard to overcome them and learned to take responsibility for their own actions.

It's past time that we stand up and say, "There are reasons and there are excuses, we're tired of excuses."

There may be an undrelying cause to a problem, but that doesn't necessarily excuse the person who did wrong from accepting responsibility and punishment for what they did.


Grocery Lists

Do you write a list before you go to the grocery store? What do you do with it when your done? Apparently there is a home for all those abandoned grocery lists.

No, Seriously.....check it out. Click on the title of the post and you'll see what I mean. I could hardly believe my eyes....the internet does have a site for everything.

Just for the Hell of It

Come on, admit it, this is funny!
I was just reading an article about a proposed solution to fears of heightened crime in the disater zone in Louisiana, specifically St. Charles Parish.

They are proposal is this: Hire a private security company and deputize them, give them guns and some "supervision" and places like temporary camps and constuction sites.

Now, I think this sounds like a decent plan, on the surface. It would provide much needed relief to a law enforcement agency being spread to thin by lack of trained personell and lack of money to pay them.


Has anyone considered the following?

(1) it will cost the taxpayers of this country nearly $700 dollars a day, totalling billions, over the next three years. Why not recruit actual officers from other areas of the country, and provide the parish with the funds to pay them what they would normally earn?

(2) What happens the first time one of these "deputies" screws up what would be a legitimate arrest because they get hot headed and do not follow proper procedure? Violation of a suspects civil rights would cause the case to be tossed, and let a criminal go free. And if you think that won't happen...wait, it will.

I think that the government has spent to much time putting people up in hotel rooms and talking about how they are going to fix things. They need to just DO IT!!! Give the people who are homeless and out of work, work rebuilding the city. Give them a place to live...but not cruise ships and hotels.

We need to face the facts, Katrina did serious damage, but sitting around and talking about it isn't fixing anything.


I Love Toys!!!

They have a new show on VH1 called I Love Toys. They are counting down the top 100 toys and I have been surprised how many of them I actually had as a kid.

1. The Big Wheel: Anyone else have one of these? You'd see all the kids in the commercial zipping down the sidewalk, when in reality, you could barely get it moving without someone shoving you down the sidewalk first.

2. Spirograph: I used to run the pen over and over the pattern until the paper cut, yeah I was a twisted child.

3. Baby Alive: I actually had one of these. It was a baby doll that you fed "real" food to and then she peed or pooped her diaper. Charming, huh?

4. Tinkertoys: Oh yeah....sticks and wheels with holes....I used to make Magic Wands and pretend I was a princess.

5. Tonka Trucks: Back when I was a kid, they were made out of metal, and if you got pissed off at one of your friends it could become a deadly weapon. Now they are made of mostly plastic. That's sad.

6. Fisher Price Little People: Little People were made of wood or plastic and were actually little when I was playing with them. Now they have these cherubic little faces and cute little outfits molded onto them.

Toys are so much fun. I love going into the second hand store and finding old toys from when I was little. I actually found an old He-Man action figure the other day....Wow...talk about a gay icon, huh? He-Man was something else.

This one is for Stephanie!!!

You are


Midweek laugh......

Just because!


Orwell was right......

Okay, here's a reallly bad idea. Store ALL of your personal and private information on a coporate server.

There's an article on MSN this morning talking about how Google is trying to develope some sort "GDrive". This would take all of the information on your personal computer's hard drive.....cookies, bookmarks, emails....everything....and store it to Google servers.

Anyone besides me see the danger in this little scenario? Are we really so complacent as a society, so lax in protecting our own freedoms that anyone would really take advantage of this? Especially with the Patriot Act in place. What's to stop the federal government from subpeoning Google and making them give full access to all data stored to the FBI or some such nonsense....for the good of National Security, of course. ( Kind of like them looking at peoples library records....for National Security *wink wink*)

Wow....do I sound like a conspiracy theorist or what? Somebody better get me some aluminum foil......


They Got me....

As much as I hate to admit it, I watched the last hour of the Oscars tonight. I didn't mean to watch, but as I was flipping past I got sucked in. I haven't watched an awards show in YEARS and here I end up watchin the Oscars..sheesh.

Have you noticed that there is an awards show for everything under the sun now? It used to be the Grammys, the Golden Globe, the Academy Awards, The Emmys and the Tony Awards. Now they have Billboard, People's Choice, Image, American Music, blah, blah blah...it goes on and on. It's sort of like saying, "Well if you don't win one here, just wait, another award show will be along in a moment."

Do any of these awards even mean anything anymore? I don't watch the Grammy Awards anymore because all of the music coming out today pretty much sounds the same, or is hyped up drivel. They don't give awards for ACTUAL music. The Oscars...well let's just say until they actually gave one to Peter Jackson for LOTR I hadn't agreed with most of the selections in a LONG time...right about the time Whoppie Goldberg didn't win for The Color Purple.

We are becoming a society of people who seem desperate for acknowledgement and pats on the back. It seems to me that very few people do what they do for the sheer love of it, and the ones that do don't seem to get awards.

Am I ranting? I'm ranting....I'll come back when I have something of intellectual value to impart.

Or as soon as the urge to rant overtakes me again....

Whichever comes first.


What I learned today

I learned :

When you let your two year old have red jello, he should be on the tile in the kitchen.

The dog doesn't like red jello, or mini carrots, but he will eat tiny pieces of cheese and broken pringles.

Nair and pregnancy, while sounding harmless enough, is simply not a good idea. ( And that's ALL I'm saying)

Staying up until six am is only fun when you're a teenager and there are cute guys involved, not when your two year old decides that sleeping is something he really doesn't need to do.

Dishes will most certainly NOT wash themselves.

Neither will clothes.

It is possible to get an entire aisle in Walmart to stare at you if you make the same funny noises, out loud, that your toddler makes.

What did you learn today?


My son....the gerbil

Apparently my son is part gerbil. We put him to bed last night, expecting the normal amount of playing around before he went to bed....you know fussing, getting up, pulling toys out....just general" I don't want to go to bed yet" stuff.

About twenty minutes after we laid him down, I sent Russ in to check on him and I hear, " Would you like to come and look at what your son has done?" ( He's always MY son when he gets into something...)

I stepped around the corner and looked into my son's room, and what do I see? A small Nerf footbal we had bought him laying on his bed, torn to shreds....not by little fingers, but by little teeth. It looked like the dog had gotten a hold of it. I laughed so hard I thought I would pee.

At least he didn't shove Cheerio's up his nose though, right?