A Moment of Silence

The man responsible for inventing the chicken nugget has died.

I was browsing through the news on MSNBC and came across an article talking about Robert Baker, who, at the age of 84, passed away this month. Apparently Mr. Baker was the man responible for the invention of the chicken nugget.

Anyone reading this not remember the first time they had chicken nuggets? It's practically a staple of most American toddlers diets between the ages of 2 and 4. They serve them in all varities in all kinds of restaurants.

I used to have Chicken Nugget toys from McDonald's, back when Happy Meals came in little boxes you could never close and the nuggets were packaged in a styrofoam container.

Let's face it folks.....even if we would like to think that we are of higher sensabilities and like to hear only "important" news, doesn't it make you a little sad to know that the man who invented such a great comfort food has left us?

Makes me a little sad.

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