My son....the gerbil

Apparently my son is part gerbil. We put him to bed last night, expecting the normal amount of playing around before he went to bed....you know fussing, getting up, pulling toys out....just general" I don't want to go to bed yet" stuff.

About twenty minutes after we laid him down, I sent Russ in to check on him and I hear, " Would you like to come and look at what your son has done?" ( He's always MY son when he gets into something...)

I stepped around the corner and looked into my son's room, and what do I see? A small Nerf footbal we had bought him laying on his bed, torn to shreds....not by little fingers, but by little teeth. It looked like the dog had gotten a hold of it. I laughed so hard I thought I would pee.

At least he didn't shove Cheerio's up his nose though, right?