Weigh In

Okay dear readers, it's time for you to weigh in.

Today my husband and I got into a debate and now I want the opinions of the people that read here (all four and a half of you).

Here's the question:

Is using the argument, "You always have a choice." morally ambiguous?

The debate is over the "choice" in that statement. Is having to choose between something that has an effect on other people, in a negative, possibly harmful manner and doing something you would rather not do, the same as choosing to have chocolate or vanilla when you're having ice cream.

Basically, my husbands argument was that even if it isn't a good choice, it's still a choice. My argument was that when it comes to problems or situations that effect others in a life changing manner, it's really not a choice.

I'd like to see where other people land on this one.

What's your view?