Weigh In

Okay dear readers, it's time for you to weigh in.

Today my husband and I got into a debate and now I want the opinions of the people that read here (all four and a half of you).

Here's the question:

Is using the argument, "You always have a choice." morally ambiguous?

The debate is over the "choice" in that statement. Is having to choose between something that has an effect on other people, in a negative, possibly harmful manner and doing something you would rather not do, the same as choosing to have chocolate or vanilla when you're having ice cream.

Basically, my husbands argument was that even if it isn't a good choice, it's still a choice. My argument was that when it comes to problems or situations that effect others in a life changing manner, it's really not a choice.

I'd like to see where other people land on this one.

What's your view?


SuperSnark said...

Different types of choices?

Hitler had a choice.
Those who followed his orders had choices.

I choose to be a good mom.
Some days it would be easier to be a bad mom.

So those are choices, even if they have moral implications. One hopes the conscience steps in to guide the "choice".

Unless it's something without a morality clause, like, "I choose to ignore the laundry today."

Then the conscience can shaddup!

Paula said...

I agree with your hubby, but that doesn't mean all choices are trivial. Obviously some have a huge impact on other people, the environment, etc., while other choices have a negligible effect. Choices can be judged, and while probably no one will care about your choice of ice cream, other choices might be highly praised or criticized. I mean, I say that a murderer chooses to kill...and we choose to punish him (hopefully). If it's not a choice, then what WOULD you call it?

knightjorge said...

I have seriously been mulling this over since I saw it. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by choice. I'd tend to go with "everything is a choice" but it depends on your moral compass whether you go the route that is for the good or for the bad.

When you make decisions for your family, or in government, hopefully you are weighing the pros and cons carefully so that you make the right decision. Sometimes there are mental conditions that get in the way of being able to tell right from wrong, or whatnot, but most of the time people make a conscious choice.

That's what I think anyway. I'm really curious as to exactly what you two were arguing about.

Suzanne said...

I agree with you, but my husband would definitely agree with your husband. I think this debate reflects a lot about the debatees: I tend to have a pessimistic outlook on life, and thus feel that a bad choice is not really a choice at all, whereas my hubby is much more posititve and see this as affirmative.

Housewife said...

There are always choices to be made and there are consequences for each one.

I'm waiting for more detail.

I'm opting to withhold my MUCH NEEDED comment until I have more detail.

(and I'm sure you're waiting with baited breath)