Iraq and its toll

The toll of the Iraq war on our country is going to be a lot higher than many of us ever really considered. Today a report is being cited in the news that states US Marines killed Iraqi civilians in cold blood. Our soldiers, men and women that were sent by our government to a country that didn't ask for our prescence, are now being accused of crimes so atrocious I have a hard time wrapping my mind around them.

What had to happen to these men that would cause them to do something so wicked? In their daily lives, in the normal world I'm sure that the men and/or women being accused of this crime are not sociopathic killers. Yet here they are, standing accused of slaughtering innocent civilians, women and children. Why?

I have to believe it is because they have been kept in a place we had no right to be to begin with for far to long. These brave and valiant soldiers have been sent into a terror zone and subjected to things I can't even begin to imagine. The damage to their minds and their souls must be horrific. I feel sorrow for them and their families and I feel shame for my government for allowing this to continue.

If you are reading this, sit down and write to your Congressman. Write to all of them if you can. Let them know that this has gone on long enough. It's time to bring our soldiers home. It's time to stop this before anymore of OUR people suffer, not to mention the harm we are doing to a country not our own.