Apparently, I struck a nerve....

I've been hanging out at Newsvine a lot lately because, well, mostly because I like to see what sharing my opinion will do. (Anyone who knows me is smiling right now.) Tonight, it looks like I struck a nerve.

There's an article up on MSN talking about how little faith American's have in President Obama. I, of course, could not pass up the opportunity to go in and share my two cents. (And really, in today's market, it's really only 1/2 a cent, but hey...) After I posted my own private rantings, I started reading some of the other stuff and came across one by a poster calling himself James Herman that simply said: "This Negro Needs to go!" Couldn't let pass, so I replied "Very educated of you. Which one are you? Hattfield or McCoy? Because, yes, you've discovered what we have all missed...this country is in the toilet because our President is black. Now, if you could please just turn your stunning intellect to solving the rest of the world's problems, we would all be very grateful." This reply got a response by someone else calling himself Johnny Vegas telling me not to "throw stones"....okay.

Then I remembered where I had seen the screen name before: (Here's the "conversation")

Johnny Vegas 1544044:
"Everyone is stupid but you Elitist Libs - What a piece of work you are. Thank God my Vote will cancel yours out EVERY TIME!!!!"

"First: I can't believe anyone actually believes that their "vote" in a Presidential election means anything. Second: I sincerely doubt you're going to win any points with God by invoking his name in this particular manner. Third: Capitalizing the word "Vote" doesn't really mean yours is more important."

Johnny Vegas 1544044:"OOOHHHHH

Visciousrumors is the word police and the defender of Faiths!!!

Quite Impressive - too bad you're an atheist!!!! AND A LOSER!!!! GUESS WHAT - ONLY 59 VOTES ON HEALTH CARE HA HA HA HA HA

(all caps was done on purpose) "

After I finished laughing I had to decide if I would further engage this lovely individual. You will all be very proud of me when I tell you that I did not, even though I really, really wanted to. Apparently I struck a nerve, huh? I'm the word police and the defender of faiths, although I admit I got a tad confused when he then called me an atheist. Not sure how that would work, but....

And the fact that he felt the need to point out he capitalized everything on purpose, just sort of makes it pathetic doesn't it?

Although I have decided not to further poke this particular badger, I invite all my fellow badger pokers to log into Newsvine and look this guy up. Could be an interesting way to pass some time.

(Does finding humor in this make me a twisted, twisted person?)