WARNING: This post will probably offend most everyone that reads it!!!!!!!

I have had enough !! Have you been reading or watching the news lately? This whole thing about immigration laws? Are they serious? I mean the people standing out in the street yelling that their rights are being infringed upon, screaming, " I'm an American, too!"

No, you are not an American. Unless you have entered this country legally, pay taxes and have begun the naturalization process, you are NOT an American. You are an illegal immigrant.

Scream all you want to about how this country was founded by immigrants. The fact is that that was over 100 years ago and the immigration laws, if there were any were different. We are talking about NOW...Today....not "was" or "back then". If you come into this country illegally, I don't care what you're intentions were, I don't care why...you are here against the law and it should be treated as such. I don't even care what country you come from, Mexico, Canada, Cuba, Finland....makes no difference. Here illegally is here illegally.

If I were to slip unnoticed into another country and try to set up residence and I got caught, I would be treated as a criminal, deported...etc...why should it be any different here.

I'm all for people having the ability to make their lives and the lives of their families better, but come ON....it should be done properly. I'm sorry if people feel that this is the place to come to fix everything, but if we, as a nation, don't start fixing the things that are wrong with US we're doomed to continue to decline.

What about the welfare system? Overburdened and severly outdated? What about the lack of support medically and mentally for the poor and the needy that were BORN in this country?

When somone that was born here...no matter what their ethnic background gets turned away when they need assistance, but someone that is here illegally can get assistance, doesn't that sound wrong?

Don't get in my face and scream at me that they have rights, too. I know that, but it should have to be done according to the LAW. I have to live by them, I have to follow them...if people want to live here and be "Americans" then they should have to do the same?

Why is it that in this country we either swing all the way to the left, or allll the way to the right?

Where in the BLUE HELL did all of the common sense in the world go? If anyone has seen it, please pack it up and ship it back, because I'm about to scream.


Immigrant in Canada said...

perhaps you have tunnel vision.. people become illegal, when the beaurocrat changes the rules and decided who should be in or out.
If someone still hoodwinked the system and found a job and is surviving..then the system is wrong..It is the system that prevents people from being legal.
About health care and dwindiling welfare funds.. how do justify sending a probe to mars looking for life there costing 52 million dollars and still have 12 million Americans without medicare? So your govt doesn't have priorities. Some how being first in Mars is more important than medicare to its citizens.
The world is a beautiful place.. but we divide it according to our rules and then cry wolf??

viciousrumours said...

Perhaps you didn't read what I wrote. First let me say that I don't justify our government wasting millions on things like sending broken toys to Mars. I think that money should be invested in the furture of our country, education, health care, infrastructure...the rebuilding of urban areas decaying because of violence and poverty.

Second....people don't "become" illegal. If you sneak over a river, or hide inside a truck to get into a country, any country...you are there ILLEGALLY. That countries government didn't say, "Sure come on in, but you have to do it in the dead of night in a Uhaul."

People should be allowed to immagrate and make a better life for themselves, but it shouldn't be done at the cost of common sense. Allowing people to just wander in and then claim the rights of those of us that live here, and work here..including the people who went through the long and arduous process of dealing with our moron government to become naturalized citizens, is an embarassment and an insult.

All I'm saying is this: If people want to immigrate to this country, then apply for it...if all you want to do is work, apply for a work visa. Do it the way it's supposed to be done...then when there are problems, they can stand up and say, "Hey, I live here, I work here, I pay taxes...Fix it!"

I started working and paying taxes in this country when I was 15 years old....so yeah, I expect that anyone that wants the rights allowed in this country abide by the same rules and regulations that I do.

That all....just abide by the laws as they exist. If you immigrate here legally and you don't like the way things are, it gives you the right to vote, to be heard, and to change things.

And just so you understand me completly...it isn't just this issue I was talking about....this country has no common sense when it comes to most things, which is sad....Want an example? Why does the media only profile white missing persons? Why do schools in mostly white suburban areas never seem to have the serious lack of funds found in inner cities? Why does a persons guilt or innocence in this country seem to depend on the amount of money they make, or how they look? This is just one issue where political correctness has gone overboard....

I debated whether or not to write about this issue...I knew it would piss people off, but hey...that's one of the rights I have as an American citizen, I can express myself, even if others dont' like it.

Temper judgement with good sense and a solution to this problem can be found...continue screaming that people are being treated unfairly and not listening? There's violence coming down that road...personally, I think there is enough violence, enough hatred...