I Love Toys!!!

They have a new show on VH1 called I Love Toys. They are counting down the top 100 toys and I have been surprised how many of them I actually had as a kid.

1. The Big Wheel: Anyone else have one of these? You'd see all the kids in the commercial zipping down the sidewalk, when in reality, you could barely get it moving without someone shoving you down the sidewalk first.

2. Spirograph: I used to run the pen over and over the pattern until the paper cut, yeah I was a twisted child.

3. Baby Alive: I actually had one of these. It was a baby doll that you fed "real" food to and then she peed or pooped her diaper. Charming, huh?

4. Tinkertoys: Oh yeah....sticks and wheels with holes....I used to make Magic Wands and pretend I was a princess.

5. Tonka Trucks: Back when I was a kid, they were made out of metal, and if you got pissed off at one of your friends it could become a deadly weapon. Now they are made of mostly plastic. That's sad.

6. Fisher Price Little People: Little People were made of wood or plastic and were actually little when I was playing with them. Now they have these cherubic little faces and cute little outfits molded onto them.

Toys are so much fun. I love going into the second hand store and finding old toys from when I was little. I actually found an old He-Man action figure the other day....Wow...talk about a gay icon, huh? He-Man was something else.


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knightjorge said...

That's kind of a pointless show. Show's like that are one of the reason's that I'm glad that I don't watch TV. Holy waste of time! Entertaining, but a waste of time. You don't learn any moral or value from a show like that.

I'm done now. Just thought that I'd share.