Sting and the Amazing Stehanie (part two)

Where was I? Oh, yeah...we made our way back to our seats......

Phantom Planet....the opening act. Skinny white boys with guitars....Excellent. Oh, and the music was good too. Seriously...check this band out. http://www.phantomplanet.com Better yet....surf past the bands website, check out the blog they keep..interesting guys. (Steph....if we had been there earlier, we could have MET Sting....read the post in the blog about the SLC show....*grrrrr*)

Moving on....

They played a nice set...interacted with the crowd....I enjoyed it.

BUT WAIT...now I have to tell you about this chic that was sitting in front of us. Yeah....we're waiting for the show to start and this yuppie group from HELL stops at the seats in front of us. There were the prerequisite trophy women and the over tanned, over gelled men.....and the couple that sat right in front of us? Oh....let me tell you about them. This woman was wearing jeans that looked like she had to jump from a great height to get into them, and carrying the most ABSURD purse I've ever seen. It was literally only big enough for a tube of lipstick and a breath mint..I mean honestly, how about wearing pants that aren't so skin tight and putting the breath mint in your pocket??

When Sting hit the stage, this woman bounced out of her seat and started to dance...badly. This woman wouldn't have been able to find the beat if someone had handed it to her in a paper bag...even scarier than skinny white chic dancing badly? Her boyfreind thought it was sexy. He was fondling her butt, shoving his tounge into her mouth. Get a room.

Moving on ....

Sting was FABULOUS.....I'm so glad I got to go. The guitar player, Shane, he was funny AND talanted....here's what I mean. He is a WICKED guitar player...but the man dances like a chicken. Too funny for words. Another example of people being themselves and not caring. He was having a great time on stage, just doin' his thing, and it just added to the overall experience of the concert.

I have to say though, I have never...and I mean NEVER in my life been to a concert where the crowd sat that still. It was like the Stepford Audience. Stephanie and I were some of the only people just diggin the music and letting go. Everyone else just sort of sat there and yelled at the appropriate intervals. What a waste of good rock and roll.

In a nutshell...a VERY LARGE nutshell.....there you have it....Sting and the amazing Stephanie. ( please refer to next post)

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