Gushing about Stephanie

I've decided that I need to dedicate an entire post to gushing about Steph. I do this not to cater to her ego ( Okay, well maybe a little) but mainly because it seems like when I write lately I'm always putting in things about her.....maybe that's because after some recent ugliness in my life, she is the one person that shone throw with glorious color. Her friendship never waivered, she never faltered in her support of me even though I had been a through ASS. In short she was everything you always dream of having in a best friend. She is that person that you know you will still be talking to and laughing with in thirty years.

And she is the person I have discovered I ALWAYS have fun with, no matter what we are doing. We can just be sitting watching movies and I laugh and laugh...it makes me feel good to be around her.

I have decided that she is the role model I'm going to hold up to my daughter. Not because she's famous, not because she's rich, not because she's thin....but because she is the kind of person I want my child to be. She has had problems in her life. She has made mistakes. But she holds her head up and continues on. She isn't afraid to say that she is angry or hurt and she has a style all her own and she doesn't care if it matches the crap in Vouge.

She is, in short, the type of person I try hard every day to be.

I don't know if you know this or not Stephanie, but with all kidding aside, Thanks for everything you do for me. I admire you!


knightjorge said...

Aww!! I almost started to cry this is so sweet! Kind of an embarrassing moment for me because Shaun walked into the building while I had the tears in mine eyes. He was looking at me like "What the....?" It was somewhat amusing at the same time though. Oh yeah, and thanks for the ego boost!

knightjorge said...
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knightjorge said...

Blogger was being dumb and posted my comment twice. It was not, I repeat, WAS NOT operator error. Thank you!!