Has it REALLY been that long?

Wow....almost a week since my last post....well when you have no internet at home, that's what happens. You lose control of these things.

Have I told you how much I hate moving? If I haven't, let me fill you in. I hate moving with a fiery passion that just will not die. I hate the packing and the shuffling of shit from one place to another. Never knowing where anything is, tripping over boxes...Oh, and this time I moved from three bedroom house BACK into a two bedroom apartment. Now I suddenly have way way to much shit and nowhere to put it. So this means even more shuffling of shit ...one funny thing is , my house now looks something like the Library of Congress. There are books EVERYWHERE.

Did I mention I'm a bibliophile? Books are my passion. I collect them, and certain books I collect more than one copy of. I have fourteen copies of Alice In Wonderland ( my favorite book) and I have several different versions of the Lord of the Rings set. Each one from a different printing, each one with different cover art...I even have The Hobbit in German. I can't READ German, but it's COOL.

I'll have to get a camera and take a picture, let the world see just how far this book thing has gone. It's wild.

I'm going back to college this fall, that should be an adventure. I haven't been inside a classroom in almost ten years, I think I'll probably have to retake a lot of the classes I took, just because most of the knowledge is probably outdated. But I am looking forward to it. I was teasing Stephanie the other day...told her we should join a Sorority. We can be Sorority girls...( Okay, for those of you who KNOW me, you should already be snotting Coke out your noses at this point, for those of you who DON'T know me, just take my word for it....I am SOOOO not a Sorority girl..and Steph, well, I think she could make a go of it, until one of them pissed her off..then it would be kind of like one of those horror movies? Yeah, dead soroity chics EVERYWHERE...good times!!)

Later folks!

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