Ryker and Squidward

I called to talk to Stephanie the other night and she was talking to Ryker. Ryker had asked about my health and well being the other day. I was touched by this. So I decided to dedicate this post to Ryker and his fondness for Spongebob and all things Squidward.

I think that we can all agree Spongebob is freakin hilarious, but most people do not yet appreciate the importance of Squidward.

Ryker, I looked for a Squidward page to link to this post...but alas, I am at work and the IT department here has blocked sites they deem inappropriate. Apparently, Spongebob and Squidward have been deemed a threat to cooperate America. I did however manage to find a great picture of him, so I linked it to the post title.

Vive La Squidward!!!!!

Vive La Bikini Bottom!!!!!

*raising arm in triumphant glee*

I'm off to cause havoc in the corporate world now!

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