Test Taking

I feel like I'm back in the days of spit wads and note passing. Have I mentioned yet how much I detest taking tests? We just got done taking one, complete with essay questions and better yet, it's a freakin FRIDAY morning. Yeah, isn't that fun?

On the bright side, I did finish first, so fair play to me. Now I'm just sitting here eating my pretzles and drinking my Adreniline Rush.

I have a new friend. Her name is Michele, she's fucking AWESOME....just wanted to mention that. We're gonna hit the thrift stores together. So, YAY...shopping buddy. I need to introduce her to Stephanie, then we can all do the hangin thing. Wow, check it out, three musketeers..scary? I think so. Fun? Even more so.

Joe Bob is back...got an email from him last night..I'll keep you posted on that...should prove to be interesting, Joe Bob always is.

Last but not least....*waves* Hello Patrick..just in case you pop in to check this out!!

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