It's official....I'm a geek

Webster's defines bibliophile as :

": a lover of books especially for qualities of format; also : a book collector"

I believe dear readers that I qualify in spades.

I have just finished unpacking and shelving five large boxes of paperback books. There are still 2 more large and at least five small boxes of trade size and hardcover books in my storage closet. Not only does this place me, in my opinion, firmly in the "bibliophile" category....I would say it solidifies my "geek" status. When you own more books than bookshelves, well.....they should have a group that meets once a week, right after the alcoholics, to address that issue, don't you think?

I find it sad that more people don't read, that they can't pick up a book and appreciate the time and labor it took to produce a work of fiction. Creating whole worlds in vivid imagery, pictures exploding in your brain as you progress further into the novel.

I love a good movie as much as the next person, probably more ( that's a WHOLE other story) but I'm the goofball you all stare at in the used bookstore that's sniffing the pages and smiling....I know where that book is going to take me, and I'm ready for it.

Do yourself a favor, pick up a book.....any book, and read it. Don't wait for Oprah, or the Today Show, or even the New York Times to tell you that you should. Stop into your local library and pick up something new and interesting, something you never would have read before and crack it open........

A world of wonder and amazement is at your fingertips, don't waste it.


Lord Aerthos Pendragon said...

So do we get extra kudos if we're still working on creating a "world of wonder" to hopefully be published one day?

knightjorge said...

I vote for the extra kudos! I think we would all agree on that one.

(Especially since we are fabulous and working on our own "world of wonder"!)