I Just Don't Get It

Valentines Day is fast approaching, and MSN has a lovely little link that will allow those of you who have not put any real thought into what you want to get your loved ones a quick and easy solution. However, that is not what this post is about.

Out of curiosity ( I wanted to see what the going rate on "love" is these days) I clicked on the "Are you a procrasanova" article and began perusing the links listed therein. I came across one for Coach. At the top of their home page are all the lovely little nav bars and there's one labled "Baby", so I clicked it because, well just because.

Here's my question: Who in the BLUE HELL is buying $98 cashmere mittens for their babies?

What could possibly posses someone to think, "Cashmere, that's what my six month old needs." Do these people have NOTHING better to do with their money? I mean come ON people. The first thing that child is going to do is either stick the mitten in it's mouth, or rip it off......the baby just doesn't care if the mitten is cashmere or cotton.

This is a prime example of waste and excess in our society. People sit around bemoaning the state of affairs in the world today and at the same time they are paying some bozo $98 for MITTENS....MITTENS people, I mean you can get mittens for your kids at Target for about $7.....get a clue.

With the extra $91 you could get a whole freakin outfit.

AUTHORS NOTE: If you are reading this and are indeed one of the people buying cashmere mittens and $100 tennis shoes for your kids because they're "cute", do not bother with the angry, offended comments. I will still think it's ridiculous and wasteful. Thank You!

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