Only Eight?

According to this months Redbook there are 8 kinds of sex that every couple needs to try. I have two questions:

(1) Who decided there were only eight kinds?


(2) What happens once you try them all?



Flenker said...

Wait, there are 8? With other people?

I'd like to think if you're able to "achieve" all 8, the feeling of self gratification (no, not that kind) you get would be great enough that you reach a higher plane of enlightenment, and the answer to the toughest questions become clear.

In other words, I'll never know.

Ian Thomas Healy said...

So what are the 8? Inquiring minds want to know before we answer...


viciousrumours said...

I can't tell you what the 8 are, that would be cheating and quite honestly, not as fun.

Flenker, they do, sadly, all involve other people though. I can proudly say I have accomplished seven on said eight.

Does anyone think I should get a prize for that?

Inarticulate Fumblings said...

Hell, I'll settle for 1 kind as long as it's consistent.

amber. said...

I can definitely say there are more than 8 kinds.


Yeah. Definitely.