Now that the child is feeling better....

Don't watch this one at work:

And just in case you can't get to church this Sunday:

And because you're going to go to hell for laughing at that one:

This last one is a joke that only Gunfighter will get, or at least I hope he'll get why I posted it. Still funny though...and look, it's Hugh Laurie pre-House!


super des said...

I love Rowan Atkinson, Shakey.

knightjorge said...

That sermon one reminded me of something that a friend of mine and I started in junior high. I think we got to verse 14 and then the idea sputtered out. We were writing a junior high "bible". I remember something being in there like "Thou shalt not be friends with cheerleaders." Or something just as clever. :) Just thought I'd share that.

knightjorge said...

The Shakespeare stuff was BRILLIANT!

(In future maybe I should wait to comment until after I've watched them all, eh?)

Gunfighter said...




Especially with the grave diggers!

Because as we all know, dear Serena... the play's the thing!