Exotic Illnesses

Just letting everyone know I may not be around for a while. My son has contracted Herpangina. I know! It sounds like a mutated STD doesn't it? I almost fell off my chair when the doctor told me what he had. Turns out it's just a fancy way of saying my three year old has a really high fever and a mouth full of puss filled blisters.

It supposed to last for a week. It can't be treated with antibiotics. Needless to say, this will most likely be my last post for a while. (Unless the husband is sitting with the sick child....)


jessabean said...

Aww that sucks! Glad it's nothing [too] serious, though. I hope he feels better soon, and good luck taking care of the little one.

ian said...

Oh wow! That sounds horrid! Poor little guy...I hate it when kids are sick; it always makes me feel so helpless when I can't just kiss the pain away. I hope he gets better very soon!


Suzanne said...

Sending wishes for a quick recovery your way. Poor kiddo!

whiskeymarie said...

What a strange and unfortunately named malady, indeed.

Good luck- do popsicles help?

thethinker said...

They come up with names for everything.

I hope he gets better soon!

Brillig said...

Okay, at least it's a cool name, right? One the requires an explanation? At playgroups you can be all, "Yeah, well, we're cooler than you because my kid had HERPANGINA." And then, see, none of the other mommies can top that, so you WIN.

And, well, I hope he gets better soon, poor kid.