Vote For...ME!!!!

I would like to officially announce my intention to run for President! Running with me will be Suzanne. Shortly after we are elected we will be appointing Gunfighter as our Secretary of Defense, super des,Brillig,and unquietheart will be taking seats on the Supreme Court so that some REAL decisions can be made. Ian will be taking on duties as the new White House Chief of Staff. My good friend Steph will be taking on duties as Press Secretary.

This will only be the beginning. If I didn't include you in this list and you feel there is a position you would like to have, please let me know. Once we have fixed the United States, we will be taking over the World. We will be running on the "Common Sense" platform and using the "Preschool Mother" form of unilateral control. This means: If you wouldn't let your pre-schooler do it, it's not okay for you to do it. "Getting your hand slapped" will take on a whole new meaning.

"By the People, For the People" will mean something again. During my tenor, you will have a flawed, human government, but we will always tell you the truth, we will always do what is actually in the best interests of the country, and we will always look before we leap.

Vote for ME!


super des said...

Sweet. You've got my vote, and not only because I was appointed to a position I did not run for.
It would be a darn good thing to have y'all in charge.

Anonymous said...

I'll vote for you! I'd ask for a spot on the staff, but I've just got too many skeletons.

The Preschool Mother Form of Unilateral Control: the best platform ever!

whiskeymarie said...

I would like to be considered for either White House event planner or drug czar. I will submit my resume shortly, I just need some time to clean it up (embellish) a bit.

viciousrumours said...

DD: We don't care about skeletons. We WANT skeletons. Lots of them. Bring it on!

Whiskey: If you're going to be the drug czar, why would you be cleaning up the resume? *laughs*

jessabean said...

I'm so honored! I think I'd look hot in a robe. All of a sudden Jon Stewart's controversial Supreme Court chapter of "America: The Book" comes to mind...hee hee!

Brillig said...

Finally! A candidate I could really see myself voting for! (and a position for myself, to boot! Then I can blame US for screwing up the country!!! Wait...)

knightjorge said...

I'll totally vote for you!

Thanks for thinking of me for Press Secretary. I don't know what that job is all about but I'm really excited about it. It has to be better than being a security guard.

Suzanne said...

I am definitely voting for you, and not only because I am on the ticket! Since I am from Chicago originally, I will even vote early and vote often, and see to it that my deceased grandfathers, bless their souls, vote for you as well.

Seriously, you are the best candidate out there.

Gunfighter said...

I'm in!

Um... can I be attorney general concurrently?