Okay...so the comment about tattos may have been ill-advised.(She says in response to the many, many comments she has gotten from her wonderful readers who have tattos) What I meant was this:

Kids need parents who know who they are BEFORE they have kids. If you get the tattos because you love them, either before OR after having kids..that's cool. I'm referring to the "cool" mom or the "hip" dad that runs out and gets a tribal arm band and an eye brow piercing because it's "in". Or the thirty-five year old guy that has his ears gauged out and his wife that runs around dressed like she's fifteen with a thong riding somewhere above her jeans and a "cute" tatoo strategically placed where you can see it while she's carrying her adorable child in her expensive baby sling.

I'm all for body art, piercings and other forms of expression...as long as they're all about you and not about riding the tide of "cool".

I will now slink back into my corner and hide while I think about what I've done.

*grins because she realizes no one will take that last comment seriously*


super des said...

I do hate those people. I don't have any money for tattoos now, I'll have even less when I'm a mom.

ian said...

I have no tattoos. I wouldn't mind getting one, but I haven't found any image that moves me enough to want it to adorn my body forever. On the other hand, I've had my left ear double pierced since junior high - uh...say 1984ish. I'm waiting for one of my boys to ask if they can too and then I'll take them before my wife says no.


Suzanne said...

I also desire a tattoo, but probably will never get one. I should add that to DangerDoll's list of things I want to do before I go back to ashes.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, no, I for one didn't take it negatively at all. And the day I pierce my face is the day I want someone to stab me in it. Eew. Ears only.

Tats are another thing. I have two, one pre-kid and one post-kid, both heavily pondered, like for years, and hand-drawn by husband (Mr. Artiste...I draw stick people). One is initials with an infinity and yin/yang (prettier than it sounds) and one is a lotus flower with "through difficulty toward the stars" in Latin below. I'm all symbolic with my shit, dontcha know, hee. I would NEVER get a tattoo that could be easily seen, even in a swimsuit.

Gads, if y'all ever get one, get one that means something. Don't ever be that person who shows up at the parlor with no idea and then just picks something from the wall.

Is there a corner for me, too? :-)