Tag! Dammit...

I have been tagged with this meme by Brillig. This means that not only do I have to answer the question, I have to think of people to tag in return. This reminds me an awful lot of those Slam Books we used to get in trouble for when we were in Junior High.

Okay, so on with the meme:

Where did you get your kids' names from?

Let's see, are we talking nick names or real names? Let's do both shall we?

May daughter's name is Alexandria Nichelle. I picked Alexandria because I wanted her to have a strong name she could grow into, but something she could shorten and have fun with when she was younger. Nichelle I chose because I think it's beautiful. I'm a Star Trek fan and the actress that plays Lt. Uhura is Nichell Nichols. The name always sounded great to me and the actress is accomplished, well-spoken and was one of the first strong female role models in entertainment.

My daughter actually has two nick names: Bubba for when we're feeling playful or silly and Baby Angel. I started calling her Baby Angel the day she was born. I looked into her eyes and she looked like a tiny little angel staring back at me. When she turned twelve she said to me,"I'm not a baby anymore you know." I smiled and told her that no matter what age she was she would always be my baby.

My son is three. His name is Jareth Malachai. My husband and I picked Jareth because of our fondness for the movie Labryinth. And no, I'm not joking. It's a unique name and it's one he can grow into. Russ and I both love the movie and have fond memories of watching it when we were younger. We chose his middle name basically because it sounded good with Jareth...I wish there was more to it, but there's not.

Jareth's nick name is Buddah. I honestly have no idea where it came from. We've been calling him that since he was about six months old. I don't know which one of us started it, or why, but it's what we call him. Sometimes I call him Booger, usually when he's being a pain in the ass. He will usually laugh and say,"I'm a Booger." This makes me laugh...it's a good time.

Now, who do I tag? I'm going to tag:

Ian (mostly because I want to listen to him rant about being tagged with yet ANOTHER meme..Love ya Ian!)

Have fun ya'll!


Brillig said...

Wow! You're fast!!! It always takes me FOREVER to get around to memes!

I love your kids' names! So great! Star Trek and Labyrinth are your muses... very interesting. hahaha.

super des said...

Nichelle is indeed a fine name (and actress). I also love Labyrinth, and have been itching to buy it on DVD (I had it on VHS til I moved no NY).

viciousrumours said...

Brillig: Yeah, I'm freaky like that!

Des: Not only do I have the movie on DVD, I have the movie poster hanging in my living room.

Paula said...

Those are great names! I especially love Nichelle.

ian said...

Oh, man. And here I've been trying to not post my kids' names in my blog (for personal reasons).

Hmm. Okay, this'll be tricky. I'll see if I can pull it off...


Gunfighter said...

eeny memey meiney mo!

I'll get on this for tomorrow.


thethinker said...

Alexandria Nichelle is such a pretty name.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, original names! They'll look good on resumes or marquees. Good job!

PS: Saw you took the ol' SuperSnark link off! YAY, the final reminder, banished!