The other day I was over at Never what you think it should be.... and the utterly fabulous WhiskeyMarie was lamenting her misbehaving hair. Now folks, I have to tell you this woman has got to have the single most impressive collection of hair care products I have EVER seen in my life. I bow to her hair care devotion. She is my new hair care GODDESS! (For those of you who don't know me well, I'm a "wash and go" girl. This means I spend five minutes TOPS on my hair. I wash, spray with leave in conditioner, comb, clip up or shake out depending on the day and we're off.) For someone to have the sheer amount of dedication it takes to know how to use those products, let alone shop for them...I am in awe!!!

That alone would deserve a post, but it's not why we're here. No. We're here because while I was admiring her seriously industrious hair care collection I started thinking about my own obsession with something. I, dear readers, am obsessed with skin care.

If I owned a digital camera this would be the point in my confession where I posted pictures similar to those found on WhiskeyMarie's blog. I don't own a digital camera though as I am frighteningly behind the times, so you will just have to imagine the sheer size of my skin care collection.

I counted and I have twenty seven different kinds of lotion, fifteen different facial products, and about fifty different kinds of skin cleansers, buffers and deep conditioners. I could start my own spa. I have special socks for deep conditioning my feet. Special callous removers for both my hands and my feet. I have specific face creams for day and night. I know how to make my own facials from all natural products like oatmeal and strawberries. I know how to use mayonnaise and stale beer to make my hair soft and shiny. I know that olive oil, avocado and honey is a GREAT moisturizer.

I lay in the sun like I'm still a teenager and this pisses my friends off because I still look like I'm 25. I moisturize, soak, scrub, sooth....I'm obsessed with my skin. But dammit, I'm going to look GOOD when I'm 70!!!!!


super des said...

I love nice skin.
I have Super Sensitive Skin so I don't really get to do all that stuff to it.

Paula said...

I'm bad -- I pretty much do NOTHING for my poor skin, though I do stay out of the sun.

ian said...

Over the last year I've developed SCOWL lines between my eyebrows.

I'm sure it probably has something to do with my day job.


whiskeymarie said...

Holy crap, you beat me by a mile here.
I use three prescription products to cleanse & protect from way, way, way-post-adolescent zits, and up until recently I only used my $4 St. Ives lotion to moisturize. That's pretty much it.
Oh, I guess I have about 14 bottles of SPF 50 sunscreen at any given point, but I don't count that.
I'm doing pretty excellent in the wrinkle dept, but I also seem to be developing the "scowl" lines that Ian refers to.
I blame work, George W, brain shrinkage, my husband and global warming for mine, though not necessarily in that order.

Suzanne said...

You are hilarious! I, however, am a slob. I am happy if I remember to wash my face with soap in the morning. When I do use soap, it's basically the cheapest facial wash (St. Yves) I could find at the drug store. And the only time I moisturize is when my face is so dry I am worried it will fall off.

I'm gonna look like crap when I'm 70, so please don't stand next to me.