Shamu Attacks trainer....and we're surprised why???

Shamu the Killer Whale attacked one of his "trainers" (personally I prefer the word "jailer") during a show recently. The attack has apparently surprised everyone. I read the headline and my first thought was, "Well finally."

Shamu is not like a kitten that was bought from the local pet shop that just suddenly went feral attacking it's owner and shocking everyone around. Shamu is a KILLER WHALE!!! The operative word here being "killer", not to mention the fact that he's a wild animal. Why are people always surprised when a wild animal, kept in captivity, lashes out at a human being? Everyone acts like its a total shock.

Here's a thought, maybe we should stop putting animals in little boxes and amusing outselves by forcing them to do cute things to make our kids smile. Shamu shouldn't be forced to jump through hoops, toss balls with his tail or anything else degrading. It's bad enough that he's kept in a tank where all he gets to do is swim in circles until he dies.

Yes folks, that's right...I'm the one that roots for the bull and not the matador. I think it's funny as hell watching cowboys run away from angry bulls at the rodeo. I think all of the macho crap humans do to animals in the name of "fun" or "sport" should be tossed out the window. Call me crazy, but I don't think entertainment should be attached to the pain, suffering or degredation of any other species.

I hope the trainer is alright, but I say, "Rock on Shamu! Next time drag his ass through one of the hoops with you, maybe he'll get the point."

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