Remember when we had time?

Remember when we had time to stare idly out of windows and day dream about all the fun we were going to have when the bell rang?

Remember when we had time to spend four hours on the phone with our best friend, discussing nothing at all?

Remember when we had time to plan an entire afternoon around the mall and the people we were planning to see there?

Remember all the things we used to have time for?

Remember when you got your first job?

Remember the feeling of pride and euphoria that came with that first paycheck?

Remember the first time you got your own apartment, how exciting that was?

Remember suddently realizing that most of your paycheck was going to the bills?

Remember the first time you had to tell your best friend you couldn't do something because you had to work?

Remember when your parents told you that being a grown up would be full of routine, boredom and not enough time?

Yeah I don't remember that one either.

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knightjorge said...

The last one is total BS!

I think that they withheld that information to punish us for making their lives miserable while we grew up. That's my own personal theory.