Things I Want To Do Before I Die

Note: This list is not in any particualr order, just how they popped into my deranged little mind! It started when I was 15.....and just didn't stop.

(1) Go-Go Dance, boots and all
(2) Learn to ballroom dance
(3) Visit China
(4) Go Sky Diving
(5) Meet Duran Duran ( okay, even at 35, this one still ranks right up there)
(6) See a Broadway Play, on Broadway!
(7) Publish at least one novel
(8) Visit Stonehenge
(9) Drive across the US with a video camera and visit all the tiny, out of the way places no one remembers.
(10) Have a waterfall in the living room ( Okay, don't even say it, it's my list)
(11) Finish my degree and get a job as a University teacher, tweed skirt and all (All Right, maybe not tweed, but you get the idea)
(12) Learn to tell people what I think of them, when I'm thinking it ( I've learned to do this, now I'm learning when I really should do it.....very tough)
(13) Learn to laugh out loud when I feel like it ( Another one I've since figured out how to do
(14) Wear a size 10 again ( I'm STILL working on this one, I have my doubts)
(15) Go to an expensive restaurant, order the cheapest thing on the menu and share it with a friend for hours, just because. Stay until they throw us out. ( I have to admit that I think this one would still be a hoot, an I bet I could get Stephanie to do it with me.)
(16) Get a job as a commentator with a televison station, just so I could stand on the red carpet and say what we're all thinking, " Who dresses you? And do you NOT own a mirror?"
(17) Speak in front of Congress just to tell them what I really think of the lot of them. ( I admit, this one is NEVER going to happen, but a girl can dream)
(18) Take my daughter to Europe when she graduates high school

I'll stop there, the list goes on for awhile, maybe I'll put some more of them up later.
Feel free to put some of the things you want to do before you die in the comments, it will be interesting to see.


Lord Aerthos Pendragon said...

(1)Visit Scotland, Ireland, England, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan
(2)Own a respectable-size sword collection
(3)Actually have read every book in my closet
(4)Get married to someone I love
(5)Forge my own authentic katana

There's a sampling of some things I'd like to do.

knightjorge said...

Get married again.

Have kids of my own.

Get published.

Get my degree.

I lead a simple life and I don't want for much. I'm sure I could think of lots of things but this is all for now.

knightjorge said...

Right now the only thought that comes to mind is...


Just had to put that out there and add it to the list of things to do before I die. That one ranks high on all my to do lists.

Yes, I am a baby.