A Funny thing happened on the way to my job interview....

So I'm sitting in the lobby of Teleperformance this morning waiting for my job interview to begin and I'm talking and laughing with Stephanie when who should come prancing through the door?? OH MY, it's Tasha!!! She had her chin stuck so high in the air that it was a wonder she coudl still breath. I had the hardest time not jumping up and shouting, " HEY TASHA!!!" Instead I sat and tried not to choke on my laughter as she so obviously ignored me and Stephanie on her way through the lobby.

It was a sight to behold, and it sure as hell made my day a little brighter. Nothing like having the ability to piss people off without even moving, huh????

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knightjorge said...

You know, I swear she was going to say hello to me before she saw you sitting there. That was WAY too funny! Ah, the lovely moments in life!!