Only five more pounds to go...

Weight loss update: I only have five more pounds to go before I slide back firmly under 200 punds. This will put me in a size 18, which may not sound all that great to some, but please remember, I started out in a size 26. I haven't given in to the diet craze, I don't starve myself, I haven't started drinking Slim Fast or ordering meals from Jenny Craig. I have been watching how much I eat, excercising (although not as much as I should) and not denying myself the foods I love, which keeps the cravings at bay. All in all, I'm really pround of myself. To celebrate, I went out and bought a couple of new shirts. My waist is more defined, my arms are less monstrous and over all, I'm digging the fact that I have to keep buying smaller clothes. I think the biggest Yay! moment for me is the fact that I have done all of this without the help of any weight loss products and I'm still eating all the foods I love. I have noticed that I crave less and less sugary snacks and am, instead, leaning more and more towards fresh fruit, yogurt and especially mini carrots. I'm proof that with a little work and some basic modification, it can be done.

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