More terrible news in a horrid economy...

Prepare yourselves for the worst news yet...Kellog's is running out of Eggo Waffles. Yes, you heard me right. Eggo's will be in short supply until mid-2010. I know what you're thinking,"How will I survive." I feel your pain and know that if we stick together we can weather this terrible breakfast food crisis. Living without the Eggo waffle will be tough, no doubt, but I feel we, as a nation, are strong enough to survive.

For the love of God, if you have a stockpile of Eggo's please remember that your friends, family and neighbors may not be so fortunate. Share with someone you love until this crisis has passed.

Stay strong my friends, this won't last forever.


Kyle M. said...

Friends and family can leggo my eggo. Should have planned ahead.

Lisa J said...

Make your own waffles with 10 grain pancake /waffle mix, store in freezer for the week, toast in toaster, serve with an egg, juice and coffee. I have been making waffles since the beginning of January, thanks to the rotating waffle iron I got for Christmas (gifted to myself by myself). To place order, email me at eg_o_wthdrL@wfLIrn.com

webmaster said...

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