In keeping with the spirit...

So far this summer I have:

(1) Gone back to college after a thirteen year hiatus

(2) Taken my writing out of mothballs and begun work on it in earnest

(3) Signed up for a script writing .... umm??? Activity? Contest? I'm not sure what to call it exactly, but it's exciting.

and my newest new thing, in keeping with the spirit of adventure I seem to have embarked upon is:

Beginning on June 4th I will remove meat from my diet for one month. I'm not going to go Vegan for a month, THAT would kill me. I am going to try vegetarian. I know a lot of people that are vegetarian or vegan and I've often wondered how you eat that way and stay healthy and what prompts a person to stick with the lifestyle.

I have all these questions like: Don't you just crave a hamburger sometimes? and How long does it take for you to get used to not eating meat? So I'm going to give it a shot. I'm going to take the weekend and do some research and starting Monday, no more meat for a month.

I wonder what else I'll discover this month?


super des said...

I went veggo in stages, so that was easy to give up. And I never liked meat anyway, so that made it easier. And I haven't eaten meat in almost 10 years, so you know.

Tip: "fake" meat products (hot dogs, bacon, sausage, etc.) are yummy, but don't expect them to taste like the real thing. If you go in with expectations, they won;t be met.

whiskeymarie said...

I love tofu, fake chicken, all that stuff.
I love meat too.
I am quite certain I would drop dead within 15 minutes of going veg.

My physician, Dr. Hamburg Pattymelt has advised me that such an undertaking would be unwise, and may possibly bring about Armageddon.

DangerDoll: said...

Oh my, girl, and the season's just barely started!

Husband's ex-girlfriend was a vegetarian, the militant kind. She ate a lot of beans and was a bitch. I don't know if the two were related, but he seems to think so. Avoid beans.

Suzanne said...

And it's barely the beginning of June...

Brillig said...

I call myself a vegetarian, but it's an overstatement, sometimes. Some months I go strictly vegan and I honestly like it best of all and I feel best when I eat that way. But those vegan months are the exception. Normally I eat chicken, but no other meat. Like Des said, i don't like meat anyway, so it wasn't hard to give up. Anyway, i'm excited for you about ALL of your adventures, and I can't wait for your report on how each one is going!