I'm a Goddess, who knew??

As I was looking for clothes tonight I was surprised to learn that I'm a Goddess. I know, shocking isn't it? Don't believe me? Well I can prove it.

Goddess Serena

Not what you were expecting, huh? Imagine how surprised I was to find out that a corset has been named after me. Apparently not only am I deity, I provide comfort and support. I'm a full service Goddess.


Miz UV said...

Doesn't look very comfortable -- no offense, your goddessship.

viciousrumours said...

I know. That was my first though. I mean, if they're going to name a piece of clothing after me, why couldn't it have been a pair of comfy flannel jammy pants or something? *laughs*

Gunfighter said...

Sexy... sue me for being a neanderthal.

whiskeymarie said...

I would like to have a dickey named after me.
We could call it the "Whiskey dickey"

I guess yours is classier.

I bow to you, my goddess.

Lord Aerthos Pendragon said...

I knew it :) I don't think the lingerie looks too bad, but then again, you never really know for certain until you try it on.