Mind Numbing Nothingness

I sat down with every intention of wowing you with My stunning ability to think deep and meaningful thoughts. I was going to write something profound and thought provoking.

All I could think of was:

Why is it that apples in my kitchen seem to have a damned half life and bananas go bad in like three days? What the hell is up with that?

That's it people. I got nothing. The bananas win. My brain has been taken over by the banana conundrum.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.


super des said...

mmm bananas...

knightjorge said...

Why do you have to post a deep thought (hehehe.... Deep Thought) piece? I never really do and the two people that read my blog seem to like it anyway. :)

I think I may be losing my interest in blogging and it saddens me. I'm starting to feel like, "What's the damn point anyway?" Just needed to get that out.

Suzanne said...

Unless we keep bread in the fridge, it is covered by mold in a day or so. In the fridge, it lasts an eternity. I don't get that either.