In which I rant like the lunatic I really am.....

Okay, that's it...I've had it...I've kept my mouth shut for as long as I can!!!! I'm about to over use the exclamation point! Be prepared! I'm pissed! This is one of those times I really wish I had a soapbox!

You want to know why the word "nazi" get's paired with the word "feminist" so often? I can tell you! I've been reading posts for the last week that go on and on about how women get shafted in divorce cases and how Alec Baldwin is the freakin' Anti-Christ and how breast feeding mothers should be allowed to whip their tits out in public any old time they want and the rest of the general public be damned!!! Shut the FUCK UP!!!! You all make me ashamed to be women, much less a mother! I would personally like to whack each and every one of you in the back of the head for being ignorant and setting us back twenty years!!!!!! You make my head hurt!!!! You make my eyes blur!!!!!!!! Where do I begin???!!!!?????

Oh...let's start with the whole brestfeeding thing. KEEP YOUR TITS TO YOUR SELF!!!!!!! Not everyone wants to see it! Get over it!! This is not the sixties! You are not Betty Friedan!! You are not fighting for the Right To Vote!!!!! We're talking about FREAKING BREASTFEEDING!!!!! The fucking kid doesn't care!!!!!! Sit down, put a blanket over your breast and feed your freakin kid!! The lady at the table next to you doesn't want to see it! The guy on the airplane next to you doesn't want to be obliged to have to uncomfortably look at the ceiling while you sit with your nipple out.....GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moving on.......

Alec Baldwin is not the Anti-Christ. Kim Basinger is not the Sainted Mother Theresa. They are two parents going through a divorce. Neither one of them is a very good parent. They aren't doing their kid any favors. Get over it!!!!!!! Move on!!! Find something else to obsess over!!!!! Sweet Jesus!!!!!

Deep breath in......

Women want equal treatment...until....what a group of pansy ass whiners. "we get shafted in divorce cases...." Yeah, uh-huh....Let's review. First we'll trot out the tired old bullshit about the doctor or the lawyer or the "rich guy" who dumps his helpless little wife so he can run off with his trophy wife, leaving his "old" wife to live on welfare and support her kids on next to nothing while he never pays child support....Yes, that's happened. Not as often as the media would like you to believe, but it's happened. Deal with it. Life isn't fair. Big deal. Cry me a river!!! MOVE ON!!!!!! How about this? How about you get up, get off your butt and GET A DAMNED JOB????? I have one. I've had two...hell, I've had three...you know why? BECAUSE I'M THE CUSTODIAL PARENT!!!!! THAT'S MY DAMNED JOB!!! I support my child,NOT the STATE, NOT my EX...ME!!! If it's to hard, give custody to the other parent. ( and yes, I know...situations exist where that's not possible...please, give it a rest.)

Now, let's talk about the women who take 45% of a man's income, have full time jobs, never let the father see their kids and then bitch that they have it "hard"....shut the FUCK UP!!! I'm tired of hearing it. I'm tired of hearing women bitch about men all the time. I'm tired about hearing how oppressed women are. I'm tired of hearing about how helpless we're supposed to be. I don't know about you, but the last damned thing I am is helpless!!!!!

You want to whine...do it on your own damned time!!!!!!!!

If I have offended anyone today...GOOD!!!!!! This is my blog. This post was not meant to be politically correct. That is why is was not a comment one anyone elses. This is sheer frustration and anger. This is .... grrrrrr... that's what this is.

Get some COMMON SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grow a DAMNED BRAIN!!!!!!! GROW UP!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I will return to my normal, rational, even tempered self..I promise. Today, I'm going to go sit in the corner and bang my head against the wall.

End transmission.......


ian said...

I wish you'd stop being so coy and evasive in what you really feel. Please, this is a place for sharing your thoughts, not smoke and mirrors. ;)


super des said...

As for brestfeeding, I'd rather see a tit than hear the baby crying forever, but yes, use a blanket.

That's all.

Paula said...

Woohoo! You go, VR! I disagree about the BFing, but dammit I am fucking sick to death of the whiners. THAT we can definitely agree on. I keep reading that some bloggers are mean. Yes, they are. Now get the fuck over it. DON'T READ THOSE BLOGS!!!!!

Gunfighter said...

The funny thing about breast feeding is that, while I don't care if a woman's breast is exposed or not, I find it really funny that women get really wound up if you double take while they breastfeed in the mall.

I don't mean ogling their brteasts... I mean a double take, as in a second look because you weren't sure of what you saw.

Look lady, don't get mad at me... if you choose to expose your breast as you feed your child, I am all for it... but you can't be unaware that despite growing popularity, it is an uncommon sight. So spare me the indignation.

The other side of the are the women that build elaborate tent-like structures with multiple blankets when they breastfeed, and then sit there like a long-suffering earth-mother with the weight of the world on their shoulders.

A little balance, please.

Hi, I'm GF, and I'm a new reader.

Suzanne said...

I admit that breastfeeding weirds me out a little, but I don't care if someone breastfeeds in public or not. I've seen far worse things.

On the other hand, your rant was great. And I agree that equality means equality. I generally find that most women aren't quite yet into the idea of being equal, and I think that's why we aren't. We're our own biggest obstacle.

Anonymous said...

How did I miss this! HOW!!!

(Oh, right...that other, potentially money-making writing I'm all over...)

Jesus, it was a damned fine rant!


Personally, my kid has heard it so many times we say it in unison and she thinks it's hilarious: "Life isn't fair, but we keep swimming...like sharks, or we die."

viciousrumours said...

That's the thing. People want it both ways. They want "equal" treatment, but then they want the "special consideration". What the HELL IS THAT? *starts mumbling again*